Computer Rent

Are you looking for Computers on rental in Kolkata for your office or home?

We hire latest configuration Computers on daily, weekly or monthly rental basis. You do not have to worry about maintenance services to all our rented computers.PC hiring is an option available for rent on exhibitions & events. Doorstep delivery and pick-up services of rented computers are available. No separate charges for freight & handling for corporate.

Advantage of Computer Rental Services

Set up IT Infrastructure in limited financial resources. The most obvious advantage to Rental is reduced upfront costs Instead of laying out thousands of rupees in equipment costs all at once; you can spread your payments over a planned monthly schedule.

More working capital allows you to respond to opportunities and challenges whenever they arise. Rental does not usually require a down payment, making initial costs even lower.

It may be easier to get rental than a loan, especially if you are launching a new business. Before lending money, banks often want to see several years of financial records.

Broad range of flexible options to acquire computer and peripheral equipment.

Available on short-term rentals & long-term rentals.

No maintenance charges. On-site installation services.

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